Launch Ramps

Spaces for Boat Ramp parking are clearly marked. If you park across any colored lines you must pay for the extra space in advance or your vehicle/trailer may be towed legally at your expense. Due to limited parking spaces this rule is strictly enforced by the marina. Single vehicles (cars, small pickups, etc.) should park only in the short, marked spaces. Thank you for cooperating and have a pleasant boating day.

Parking & Launch Ramp Fees

24 Hr. Public Parking Includes Launch Ramp $10
24 Hr. Guest Parking $10
Parking Paid in Arrears $15
Onsite RV Parking Not Permitted

*Fee valid for 24 hrs. Any trailers, vessels or vehicles with expired or no parking tags are subject to towing at owner’s expense.


Daily Launch Ramp

Hoist is for vessels 25′ length maximum, or a total weight of 8,000 lbs. including fuel, water and all accessories of any kind adding to total weight. Commercial or other hoist time is $100 minimum or $5 per minute, whichever is greater. Marina may refuse hoist service to anyone at Marina’s sole discretion. Daily Jeep Service $15 round trip and $10 one-way.

*Ramp open 24 hours, please use smooth bills and face upward.

Launch Ramp Hoist